S E C net
SECnet Pricing Guide (Effective 01/01/2011)
Document Fees
  • $10 fee covers Browser, WORD, and PDF format of any file within a 24 hour period
  • Fees apply to viewing, printing, saving and e-mailing the same document in the same format within a 24 hour period
  • No additional charge to e-mail same document to multiple addresses
  • Once initial charge is assessed, no additional charge to view, print, e-mail or save same document from Keep List
Filings Search Fees
  • $5 per list of filings
  • Complete index of EDGAR and non-EDGAR filings to 1966.
  • Live feed updated continuously.
  • Search for SEC filings by company name, form type, SIC code, state of inc., exchange, file no., ticker symbol and date restriction
  • Current and former company name index
  • Link to a company profile, stock quote information, press releases, and insider activity
Full Text Search Fees
  • $10 per search
  • Full-text searching using Boolean operators.
  • Searches can be limited by date range, company name, document section, form type, SIC code and state of incorporation.
  • EDGAR documents back to 1994.
Registrations Search Fees
  • $10 per 50 search results
  • Comprehensive registrations database back to 1994 (including IPOs)
  • Searchable by multiple criteria, including underwriter, issuer's and underwriter's counsel, type of offering, state of inc., headquarters, file number, SIC code, stock exchange, securities offered and more
  • Searchable by Business Description, Transaction Description and type of Benefit Plan
  • Final prospectus data available for Initial Public Offerings
Topical Search Fees
  • No Search Charge
  • Precedent examples of Registrations, Proxies, Williams Act filings, and Forms 8-K
  • 3,000+ category topical index (such as golden parachutes, poison pills, reverse triangular mergers, etc.)
  • Results contain header data, applicable topics, and a concise abstract and link to full-text of SEC filings.
No-Action Search Fees


  • No Search Charge
  • Full-text of no-action letters filed since 1971
  • Subject name searching
  • Full-text searching
  • Act/Section/Rule searching
  • Topical Index
  • Contains abstracts of no-action letters
Watch E-mail Fees


  • No charge for viewing online
  • No charge for RSS watches
  • $5 per e-mail watch notification
  • Standard document fees apply
  • Watch by Company Name, Williams Act Filing Party, Form Type and File Number
  • Filter Forms 3,4, & 5 in single step
  • Live monitor
  • Includes EDGAR and non-EDGAR filings
  • E-Mail notification alerts you to new filings
  • RSS Feeds for Company Watch
  • Watch list searchable by date range
  • No log on fee
  • No minimum fee
  • No fee for time spent online
  • No charge for searches that return no results
  • No charge for running the same search or downloading the same document within 24 hours
  • No charge for downloading the same document within 24 hours
  • Document fee covers the same document in all available SECnet formats
  • Help desk available at toll-free number