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Form Types
Full Document all EDGAR Filings
Accountant Many Form Types
Address all EDGAR Filings
Bankruptcy 8-K
Business Many Form Types
Certain Transactions Registration, Prospectus
Cover Page all EDGAR Filings
Executive Compensation 10-K, 20-F, Proxy
Exhibit Index Many Form Types
State of Headquarters all EDGAR Filings
Legal Matters Registration, Prospectus
Legal Proceedings 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F
Management's Discussion
and Analysis
10-K, 10-Q, 20-F, Regs, Pros, 8-K
Proposals Proxy
Proxy Exhibits Proxy
Risk Factors Registration, Prospectus
SIC all EDGAR Filings
Tender Offer 14D-9
Use of Proceeds Registration, Prospectus

*Many Form Types:10-K, 10-Q, Proxy, 8-K, Registration, Prospectus, 10-C, 13D, 13G, 14D-1, 14D-9, 13E-3, 13E-4, 20-F.

Full Document

Complete document including exhibits.


Indentifies the company's principal independent public accountant.


Address of principal executive offices.


Identifies the bankruptcy or receivership proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act or similar proceedings under State or Federal law. The registrant will provide:

  • the identity of the court or governmental authority
  • the date the order confirming the plan was entered by the court or governmental authority
  • a fair summarization of the material features of the plan and a copy of the plan as confirmed
  • the number of shares or other units of the registrant or its parent issued and outstanding, the number reserved for future issuance in respect of claims and interest filed and allowed under the plan, and the aggregate total of such numbers
  • information as to the assets and liabilities of the registrant or its parent as of the date the order confirming the plan was entered.



Identifies the general business of the registrant, its subsidiaries and any predecessor(s) during the past five years or less. Describes the business done and intended to be done, focusing on the registrant's dominant industry segment or each reportable industry segment about which financial information is presented in the financial statements. Provides financial information about industry segments and/or foreign and domestic operations for the last three fiscal years. The following is likely to be found within any given Business section:

  • a description of the products produced and services rendered as well as a description of their status
  • the source and availability of raw materials
  • the importance to the industry segment and the duration and effect of all patents, trademarks, licenses, franchises and concessions held
  • the extent to which the business of the industry segment is or may be seasonal
  • practices relating to working capital
  • the dependence upon a single, or a few, customers
  • the dollar amount of backlog orders
  • competitive conditions
  • if material, the amount spent during each of the last three fiscal years on research and development activities
  • the number of employees


Certain Transactions

Identifies transactions with management and others, certain business relationships, indebtedness of management, and transactions with promoters.

Cover Page

Only searches the cover page of the document. Does not include the submission header.

Executive Compensation

Identifies all the plan and non-plan compensation awarded to, earned by, or paid to the named executive officers and directors. This section, in a 10-K, will also include:

  • employment contracts and termination of employment and change-in-control arrangements
  • a report on repricing of options/SARs additional information with respect to compensation committee interlocks and insider participation in compensation decisions
  • a board compensation committee report on executive compensation
  • a performance graph
  • *The same information is tagged separately in a Proxy Statement (i.e. Options Grants, Aggregated Option/SAR, Benefit Plans, Employment and Severance Agreements, etc.).


Exhibit Index

Section to mark the exhibit list and its footnotes.

State of Headquarters

Identifies the state in which the company is headquartered.

Legal Matters

Certain legal matters in connection with the offering will be passed upon for the company by designated counsel.

Legal Proceedings

Identifies any material pending legal proceedings, other than ordinary routine litigation incidental to the business, to which the registrant or any of its subsidiaries is a party, or of which any of their property is subject. The registrant will include:

  • the name of the court or agency in which the proceedings are pending, or known to be contemplated by government authorities
  • the date instituted
  • the principal parties thereto
  • a description of the factual basis alleged to underlie the proceeding
  • the relief sought


Management's Discussion and Analysis

Identifies the section describing the registrant's financial condition, including liquidity and capital resources, changes in financial condition and results of operations.


Identifies the proposals made by the registrant's shareholders or the guidelines and time frame for issuing a shareholder proposal for the upcoming annual meeting.

Proxy Exhibits

Section to mark the exhibits from a proxy.

Risk Factors

Identifies the risk associated with an investment in a company's securities.


Indentifies primary and secondary Standard Industrial Code's for the company.

Tender Offer

An outline of the bidders offer to buy shares of the target company. Describes types of payment such as cash, securities or both. Often filed with the objective of taking control of the target company.

Use of Proceeds

An outline of the company's net proceeds and use of proceeds from the offering of securities.